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Window Cleaning LLC

We are a small family business, and we make our customer's home and business cleaning needs our priority.  With expertise in many areas of cleaning under our belt, we've set out to focus on window cleaning and roof/house washing. These services not only beautify a structure, but can boost the value, real and perceived. Our goal is to provide a five star service every time and to stick with our customers until they are totally satisfied.

When we aren't out conquering dirty windows and roofs, we like to take time to volunteer in our community. We have found the most happiness and success by treating all of our neighbors the way we want to be treated, whether that be with our volunteer work or caring for our amazing customers. 


The Concierge Team

"Courteous, Nice, extremely professional and does what they say they will do ( clean our home windows inside and out) AMAZINGLY well! Will definitely call them again next year and recommend them to others!"  - Sheila G. 

"Excellent Experience!! I've never had my windows done before and was a little nervous about letting a stranger into our home, but that was all put to rest from my very first contact with Seth. When he arrived for the estimate he was punctual and very considerate. The estimate was actually less then I expected. The service was awesome!! Everyone was clean, neat, and very polite. I highly recommend this company to friends, family pretty much everyone!" - Sue Y.