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"Courteous, Nice, extremely professional and does what they say they will do ( clean our home windows inside and out) AMAZINGLY well! Will definitely call them again next year and recommend them to others!"  - Sheila G. 

"Excellent Experience!! I've never had my windows done before and was a little nervous about letting a stranger into our home, but that was all put to rest from my very first contact with Frank. When he arrived for the estimate he was punctual and very considerate. The estimate was actually less then I expected. The service was awesome!! Everyone was clean, neat, and very polite. I highly recommend this company to friends, family pretty much everyone!" - Sue Y.

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I started cleaning windows for a friend of mine back in 1999 in Portland Oregon. After working with him for 5 years, I moved out to New York in 2004 to do volunteer work.  This is where I met a beautiful young lady and married her in 2010.  It was then that we decided to take our work ethics, experience, devotion to customer satisfaction, and love of life, and start our own window washing company.

Still loving to do volunteer work, my wife and I went to South America in 2011 for a year doing volunteer humanitarian work.  We came back every few months to visit family and friends and service our precious customers.

Its our devotion to helping people that motivates us to work hard.  Desiring to return to South America for a few months at a time and helping as many as we can there, drives us to provided the very best in customer satisfaction here.  

Try us and we promise you'll see a difference!!

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